Business Tax Services

I bring my clients value by taking the time to learn as much as I can about their business and utilizing this information to make better tax strategy and tax planning recommendations. Your success is my success.

A successful relationship is dependent on your CPA's ability to proactively review your books, understand your business, and perform tax planning. Chris Arena, CPA offers a proactive approach, prioritizing relationship building between my firm and yours and making tax planning a priority to avoid surprises come April 15th. 

When your business partners with me, I will take the following steps to build the relationship described above:

  1. I will visit you at your place of business during the 3rd/4th Quarter of the year to review your year-to-date financials, make adjustments to your books as necessary, and discuss any questions you may have, all with an eye on tax planning for the current year. I want to learn what makes your business work and what in your business isn't working and to help where I can to improve on these areas. Tax strategy and planning is critical during this meeting as you will have the opportunity to take action before the close of the year.
  2. I'll visit you once more in January/February in order to review your full-year financials, making any final adjustments needed and agreeing book balances to supporting documentation. We will cover any questions you may have for the prior or upcoming year and discuss opportunities to increase revenue in the new fiscal year.
  3. I will complete your tax return by the original due date (March 15th for Partnerships/S-Corps/C-Corps, April 15th for Single-Member LLCs or Sole Proprietors) unless circumstances necessitate an extension. I will provide estimated tax vouchers that will ensure you are not subject to penalties when we file next year, and these will be adjusted if needed during the meetings detailed above. I will also complete any other compliance tasks on an as-needed basis, such as Business Personal Property Listings or 1099 forms. 
  4. I will contact you periodically throughout the year to see how things are going and solicit questions you may have for me. I want to be a trusted advisor to you as your business grows.
  5. I won't charge you for five-minute phone calls or e-mails, ever!

If this relationship sounds like one that would benefit your business, please contact me today to schedule your free consultation!